We are now offering an entire box of our 0.20g non-bio BBs for 40% discount! Th box contains 20 bags which means you get 80,000 BBs for only £84 and shipping is free!


Since 1st January 2020 we are trying to deplete our non-bio BB stock so we can focus on selling only biodegradable BBs. That is why we are offering this great deal (while stock lasts)!


Please note

This item does not contain any weapons or real ammunition. Purchase of this item is not restricted by law in the United Kingdom.

Box of 20 bags of 0.20g non-bio BBs

SKU: box20nb
£140.00 Regular Price
£84.00Sale Price
  • Diameter 5.95mm +/- 0.05mm
    Mass (per pellet) 0.20g
    Mass (per box) 17kg
    Number in Box 80,000
    Biodegradable No
    Material ABS Plastic

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